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This Policy has been developed as part of a governance framework for the protection of personal information (practices governing the retention, destruction, and anonymization of personal information), hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”.

ESPACES LOKALIA and 9349-6347 QUÉBEC INC, its affiliates and subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Espaces Lokalia”, “we” or “our”) implement this Policy with respect to natural persons (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Customer(s)” “Individual(s)”, “Employee[s]”, “you” or “your”) from whom ESPACES LOKALIA collects personal information or data through direct or indirect contact with an authorized ESPACES LOKALIA representative or through the use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), for the purposes described in Paragraph 4 of the PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED section below.

In this Policy, “personal information” refers to any information collected by ESPACES LOKALIA that, on its own or when combined with other information, directly or indirectly identifies an Individual.

By submitting one or more pieces of personal information to ESPACES LOKALIA through direct or indirect contact with an authorized representative of ESPACES LOKALIA or through the use of our Website, you give ESPACES LOKALIA the permission to collect, use, disclose and retain such personal information in accordance with the terms, conditions and provisions set forth in this Policy.

This Policy describes Espaces Lokalia’s practices with respect to the treatment of your personal information, which includes the collection, use, processing, transfer, storage, retention or disclosure of your personal information (i) when you voluntarily provide such personal information to an employee or an authorized representative of ESPACES LOKALIA in writing, by email or verbally, (ii) through information we collect from other companies and public organizations or (iii) when you use our Website.

ESPACES LOKALIA reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and provisions of this Policy at any time and at its sole discretion. In such cases, ESPACES LOKALIA will send you a version of this Policy that includes the changes that were made. Your use of the Services (as defined in Paragraph 4 of the PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED section below) after receipt of the updated version will be deemed to constitute express acceptance of the changes made.

This Policy and any amended version thereof are subject to the laws applicable in the Province of Quebec.

ESPACES LOKALIA is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all individuals with whom it interacts. ESPACES LOKALIA will handle your personal information at all times in accordance with applicable laws and the following principles:

  • personal information is only collected with your consent,
  • personal information is kept strictly confidential,
  • personal information is used only for the purposes for which it was collected,
  • your personal information can be accessed upon request.





  1. How is personal information collected?


ESPACES LOKALIA collects personal information in the following ways: (i) when you voluntarily provide such personal information to an employee or an authorized representative of ESPACES LOKALIA in writing, by email or verbally, (ii) through information we collect from other companies and public organizations or (iii) when you use our Website.


When using the Website, personal information may be communicated directly (for example, through a web-based form or an email) or automatically (see the list of personal information collected automatically in Paragraph 3 of the PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED section below).


  1. What personal information does ESPACES LOKALIA collect?


ESPACES LOKALIA may collect the following personal information:


  • Your first and last name, your contact information (address, email, phone number),


  • Your date of birth, gender and language preference,


  • Information such as sex, age, nationality, profession or primary occupation, level of education, Canadian citizenship or residency status, postal code, religion, marital status, consumer preferences, location data, other demographic or behavioural information,


  • Personal information that allows ESPACES LOKALIA, through its authorized representatives, to verify your identity including, among other things, a genuine, up-to-date and valid government-issued photo identification document, a document from a reliable source that includes your name, address and date of birth or confirmation that you hold a deposit account, a prepaid payment product or credit card or another ready-to-use bank account from a financial entity,


  • Personal information that you are required to, or invited to, provide because of the nature of your relationship with ESPACES LOKALIA (such as social insurance number, driver’s licence number, personal email, personal phone number, financial information, photographs for publication on the Website, identification documents required for the purposes of the Act mainly to improve the transparency of enterprises or information required in connection with various transactions related to ESPACES LOKALIA’s business affairs),


  • Personal information that you provide in connection with the performance of our Services, including information regarding your rental history, medical information, financial information necessary to perform credit checks and collect deposits and payments (such as credit card number, void cheque, mortgage approval, tax statements, credit check report, etc.),
  • Personal information that you generate in connection with your use of the Services (leases, pre-authorized debits [PAD], complaints, inquiries, notices, comments and survey responses, etc.),
  • Personal information automatically collected when you use the Website (see PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED in Paragraph 3).Personal information provided in connection with an employment or commitment with ESPACES LOKALIA (resume, educational background, professional experience and professional affiliations, criminal record, medical information, miscellaneous inquiries, references),
  • Personal information automatically collected when you use the Website (see PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED in Paragraph 3).
  1. What personal information is collected automatically or through cookies and pixel tags?

To ensure Website functionality as well as fulfill the goals for which the personal information listed below is required, ESPACES LOKALIA must collect the following personal information from Individuals visiting the Website:

  • Their ISP’s domain name,
  • Their IP address,
  • Their browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.),
  • The date and time of their visit,
  • Their country of origin,
  • The pages they visited, and the time spent on each page,
  • The address of the referring site,
  • Crash data.

This information is collected automatically as soon as an Individual connects to the Website. Some of this personal information is collected through the placement of temporary “cookies” or “tags” (sometimes referred to as “invisible pixels”). These files or tags allow us to improve the performance of the Website and some of its features.

A cookie is a small text file or piece of data that is downloaded and stored on your computer or device when you visit a Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Cookie[s]”).

A pixel tag is a very small graphic element with a unique identifier that may beused on our Website to measure your interactions with the Website and the services offered (hereinafter referred to as the “Pixel[s]”).

By accessing our Website, you consent to Espaces Lokalia’s use of cookies and pixels, which make it possible for Espaces Lokalia to, among other things, recognize you when you visit the Website and then personalize your browsing experience according to your preferences and provide you with personalized services and products on our Website or any other Website.

Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies. You can usually change your browser settings (which will also affect pixels) to (i) refuse cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent or (ii) remove or block cookies altogether, but this may affect your ability to use the Website which could then not function properly or at all.

  1. Why does Espaces Lokalia collect personal information and other data?

ESPACES LOKALIA collects your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide overall property management, residential and commercial leasing services, information, advice and tools in connection with residential and commercial leasing services; to conclude real estate transactions, residential leases and additional services related to real estate leasing and to offer maintenance, upkeep, janitorial services, and more (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”),
  • To send notifications and alerts that provide you with relevant or specific information related to the use of the Services,
  • To communicate with you overall and send you various information related to the Services provided or to give you access to products and/or services that may be of interest to you,
  • To follow up with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the provision of our Services or to send you any other communication related with the provision of a Service,
  • To develop, improve and promote our Services, in particular by generating and publishing de-identified statistical data based on personal information from a number of Individuals,
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of ESPACES LOKALIA’s efforts to gain visitors to the Website; to evaluate what information ESPACES LOKALIA offers and which of its efforts generate interest for its Website visitors; to improve our Website’s performance and effectiveness,
  • To identify the legislative regime that governs a visitor’s personal information,
  • If applicable, to review your employment or commitment application with ESPACES LOKALIA.

Subject to the exceptions provided for in applicable legislation, ESPACES LOKALIA will obtain your consent before using your personal information for any purpose other than those listed above.


ESPACES LOKALIA generally uses an individual’s personal information for internal purposes only. We may, however, disclose your personal information to the following persons or entities:

  1. To its employees and representatives who need access to this personal information to achieve the purposes and Services listed in the “Why does Espaces Lokalia collect personal information and other data?” section on Page 4,
  2. To external service providers with whom ESPACES LOKALIA has entered into a contractual agreement for the purpose of performing its Services,
  3. To any other person or entity, where prescribed or permitted by applicable law, or with the consent of the Individual concerned.

ESPACES LOKALIA may disclose your personal information outside of Quebec for the purposes described above. ESPACES LOKALIA will, however, only do so if a privacy impact assessment demonstrates that the receiving party is able to ensure adequate protection of said personal information, in particular with respect to generally accepted privacy principles.

We do not sell or rent personal information to any third party other than in accordance with these terms and conditions.

We may disclose personally identifiable information without your consent in an emergency or to prevent an act of violence, for a contract to be performed, following a privacy incident, for legal or investigative purposes, when required by law or by a government agency, in a debt collection situation or for the purpose of completing a business transaction.


Appropriate physical, technological and administrative safeguards have been implemented to protect your personal information and reduce the risk of unauthorized and/or unlawful access, use, disclosure, destruction or accidental loss. We also seek to ensure that our service providers comply with the same standards.

ESPACES LOKALIA maintains a register of privacy incidents in compliance with applicable legislation. In the event of a privacy incident that presents a risk of serious harm to you, ESPACES LOKALIA will take the necessary steps to notify you, in accordance with applicable law. Risk of serious harm to you will be assessed by taking into account such criteria as the sensitivity of the personal information involved in the privacy incident, the apprehended consequences of its use and the likelihood that it will be used for harmful purposes.


We are committed to maintaining your personal information’s security and confidentiality. As such, personal information will not be retained any longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained and processed. In accordance with our procedures for the secure retention and destruction of personal information, we will only retain your personal information for the duration needed to fulfill the purposes listed in Paragraph 4 of the PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED section of this Policy or for as long as is required to comply with our statutory obligations, whichever has the later expiry date.

ESPACES LOKALIA reserves the right to close an Individual’s file when required or, for ESPACES LOKALIA employees, for a consecutive period of at least seven (7) years from the date of termination of employment, all subject to any statutory obligation that requires a different minimum retention period. Closing a file implies that all the personal information it contains will be completely and definitely destroyed or anonymized for use in serious and legitimate purposes.

Closing the file of an Individual who is not an employee or representative of ESPACES LOKALIA means that the personal information contained therein will be destroyed or anonymized once the period of six (6) years following the date of closure of said file has expired, in accordance with the retention periods imposed by applicable law.

The term “anonymization” refers to a process that makes personal information impossible to use to identify, directly or indirectly, the Individual to whom it relates.


The Website may contain links to other websites or third-party products and services (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Third-Party Products”). This Policy is limited to the personal information we collect and use via our Website. We may provide links to external resources or other websites, including but not limited to, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you follow these links, you must use these sites in accordance with their applicable use and privacy policies.

ESPACES LOKALIA is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any personal information that may be collected, used, disclosed and retained by any person or entity as a result of your access to or use of Third-Party Products. We are not responsible for the collection, use and processing of any personal information or other data you may disclose on those sites.


ESPACES LOKALIA recognizes the right of Individuals to access, rectify, update and obtain a copy of their personal information by submitting a written request to that effect to ESPACES LOKALIA using the contact information provided at the end of this Policy.

Should ESPACES LOKALIA receives such a written request, ESPACES LOKALIA would be required by law to verify your identity and respond in writing within a reasonable time frame after receipt of the request. Any request that is not processed is deemed to have been refused.

In principle, the exercise by an Individual of a right provided for in this section is free of charge. A reasonable fee may, however, be charged to the concerned Individual to offset the costs of transcription, reproduction or transmission of their personal information. In such a case, the Individual will be notified of the fee in question before their request is processed.

You may withdraw or modify your consent to the use or disclosure of your personal information subject to your contractual obligations with ESPACES LOKALIA and the applicable law. To do so, you must send a written request to this effect to ESPACES LOKALIA using the contact details provided at the end of this Policy.

Please note that withdrawing or modifying your consent may affect ESPACES LOKALIA’s ability to adequately pursue the purposes for which your personal information was collected and may impact our ability to provide our Services to you.

If you no longer wish to receive marketing messages from us, please click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of this message. If you wish to withdraw completely, please contact us at the address below.


If you have any questions about how we protect your personal information or if you wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned in this Policy, you may contact our Privacy Officer through one of the following channels:


Espaces Lokalia

1981 Bernard-Pilon Street,

Beloeil, Quebec  J3G 4S5

Stéphanie Cocozza


Care of: Privacy Officer


Phone: (450) 446-8221

Fax: (450) 446-8223


Please note that ESPACES LOKALIA will need to confirm your identity before proceeding with any request, question, comment or complaint addressed to its Privacy Officer.


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